Allow me to introduce myself, I am Empress Carter and I am the proud owner of the online boutique, Empress of Fashion! Art invokes, music allows self-expression, and fashion influences. Together, they all inspire me. I am a medical professional and love medicine and the human body, but fashion is my first love.

Younger, I was discouraged about modeling because I wasn’t “model material” and now as an adult I am still inspired, but the fashion industry doesn’t display models that looks like or is shaped like me, and often took an unrealistic approach. Often women are scrutinized for their weight or as a woman of color, I have to look a certain way to be acceptable. With that being said, the goal of Empress of Fashion Boutique is to provide an empire of fashion for those who aspire to define themselves based on their own belief of what beauty is while providing encouragement and confidence to embrace flaws and all that make us individually unique.   

Welcome to Empress of Fashion! Thank you for your business, your like on a picture posted, or a review, and simply thank you for your support. I hope that you enjoy what is provided and I welcome any expression of thoughts, suggestions, questions or concerns. Please visit the contact us page for inquiries.


Empress Carter